United during an exhibition, it is at the sight of this surprising symbiosis of the art of raw table contrasted with glittery and beaded ornaments
that Adele Torres and Emmanuelle Perriard begin a common reflection. In a concept of uniqueness created by the movement of their hands and the importance of Swiss manufacture, their works are revealed in a subtle agreement between the expression of clay in the sobriety of ceramic by Studio mirettes and colorful cohesion of embroidered jewelry by Emuska.

The "Meandre" sconce represented by a succession of chain points, the crochet embroidery of Lunéville made hugs the clay plate in order to print it. Shaped and decorated by hand, the stoneware becomes a lamp wall with a motif inspired by the movement of organic and composed by the imprint of glass tubes and thread.

  • terre estampée sur la gauche et broderie de tubes sur la droite
  • lampe de chevet pour une ambiance douce